Digital Technology

Using science and technology to help develop smart cities. As an advanced stage of urban informatization, smart city provides intelligent operation services of public facilities with emerging hot technologies such as Internet of Things, cloud computing, mobile Internet and big data as its core and representative.

New Space utilizes the urban brain concept led by smart technology to optimize the configuration of information technology and other resource elements and make them interact with each other, to combine information, data, grids and algorithms with urban and industrial functions, and promote more efficient urban management such as smart street lighting and smart parking, thus promoting the modernization of urban governance system and governance capacity, and meeting the needs of governments at all levels in accurate analysis, scientific decision-making and professional management.

5G Smart Street Lamp

New Space Smart Street Lamp, which integrates culture and creativity, provides a complete system platform and solution for smart city construction.
The system integrates functions such as intelligent lighting, city broadcasting, security monitoring, one-touch request for help, voice intercom, public broadcasting, Wi-Fi hotspot, 5G base station and charging (for cars/mobile phones) to enable comprehensive information collection and data integration.
Smart Parking

New Space employs advanced technologies such as Internet of Things, 5G, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and big data to comprehensively perceive the parking environment and develop the first city-level smart parking cloud platform with full compatibility in all scenarios within the industry.