Persevere in Faith and Find New Self


The question is often asked, what do you think is the most important thing about the New Space? 

The answer for many people is one word - "people". 

Growing step by step, the spirit, the speed and the development of New Space are all created by "we", the group of people. 


May the Company achieve a new leap


Narrator: Pan Conggui

I have always acknowledged the philosophy of enterprise development, employee success and common progress proposed by the Company,
and I agree with the employment standard of "Skilled at Creating Friendly Interface".  In particular, Mr. Gong is far-sighted and adept,
and has been committed to solving the pain points of the industry in the long run. And he has earned widespread respect for his unity and inclusiveness.
This is the height of entrepreneurship!  

I am lucky to witness the successful listing of New Space in the capital market in August 2020, which is a milestone of the development of the company!
This year is the opening year of the 14th Five-Year Plan of the country. We wish the Company to seize the opportunity, find the right position,
and make great efforts to achieve a new leap! 


Share the Growth, Share the Progress


Narrator: Wang Shixun

Meeting excellent colleagues in the Company, having an excellent business and having a good development of myself,
these are the reasons why I have been here for so long.  

The colleagues are in a more enjoyable and improved state in all aspects.
It is the friendliness and mutual support of everyone that allows us to keep moving forward. 

Under the overall social environment, it makes sense for us to bring a better presentation of the city. 

I expect New Space to continue to forge ahead and succeed. It is also possible for us to go better with the planning of the efforts of the Company itself.

We also expect to grow and progress together with the Company. 


Further Improve Ourselves


Narrator: Yang Qingmin

Eleven years ago, I chose New Space as my first career from university to the workplace, and I never thought that I would be able to work here until now. 

The platform, New Space, feels very down-to-earth and comfortable to work, with a sense of belonging, and colleagues are united and pure,
with a strong cohesion. Here, I am gradually achieving my own goals, and growing together with the Company to achieve a better version of myself. 

Sparing no efforts with times. I'd like to join hands with the Company and hope that the development of New Space will be stable and far-reaching,
keep positive and positive, and the business can be spread all over the country, and the brand can go out of the country and to the world. 

I have accompanied New Space through the first decade, and am accompanying it through the second one.
I hope there will be more decades in the future to accompany the company to progress together. 

Trust and growth keep me moving forward


Narrator: Ma Ruimin

Over the past 12 years, I have been helped and guided by my leaders so that I can grow, and I have also been given full trust and authority
when I can take charge of myself. It’s the trust that makes me feel grounded and not wasting my time. It' s been a journey of trust and growth
that keeps me moving forward all the way. I have read a saying before that the first thing to age is never the face,
but the desperation to do whatever it takes! So, I expect that we will always stay young and carry on!

There are many obstacles in the development of any company. No matter it is life or our work, it may not be as good as we think,
but it is not exactly as bad as we think either. For example, the previous Daming Lake project,
the suspension of the Project led to the abortion of the bid, but after eight years, the Project was restarted and our whole team was fully engaged again.
All of us prepared the bidding work actively and step by step, and we finally won the project.


For the first time, I felt a sense of mission


Narrator: Liu Kui

I joined this team by chance and started my relationship with New Space. A large part of the reason that drew me to stay was the excellent
people around me, within the industry, it is important to be focused and rigorous in technical work, and this group of fellows all have such qualities. 

In the 11 years I have been employed, everyone has been in harmony, both old and new employees.
Meanwhile the Company does not limit our possibilities, and everyone can realize their own ideas. 

The most memorable thing for me is Nanchang August 1 Square project, when I received a call from the leader saying "Liu Kui,
we must have you with us", I felt the importance from the leader at that time as well as a sense of mission for the first time. 

It is an honor for me to witness the company's IPO, which is exciting news for all employees. Looking back, we have reasons to persist,
and looking ahead, we have surprises and challenges. 


Every Day, we work full of love and mission


Narrator: Sun Yu

I have been with the company for 6 years and what attracts me most is that it is technically professional, user-friendly
and in a relatively leading position in the industry. 

Joining in the New Space, first of all, I have made myself trained and my skills strengthened.
The working atmosphere here is also very seamless and efficient, and the colleagues are all very lovely in my mind. 

During these 6 years of striving, being involved in each project, we were full of love and mission, and the beautiful night was a medal and a return for us. 

I hope that the Company can sustain the current culture and atmosphere, and I also hope that the business can be extended more,
so that we can have a business segment in every city and be involved in more projects. No matter how many years have passed,
no matter which city we come to, we can recall the days when we work diligently.  


I have a group of brothers and sisters behind me that I can rely on


Narrator: Sun Yongming

The first time I met Mr. Gong was in 2006, at that time, he mentioned the management culture concept of the company,
which was that the development of the Company was dependent on the joint efforts of all colleagues, and that the Company could develop
simultaneously only when the employees became talented. In the course of work, I have also seen that the leaders have always trained
their employees according to the original intention before. As long as you contribute your efforts and endeavors,
and share the same fate with the Company, you will be rewarded. 

The first element that the Company focuses on from the beginning of recruitment is the character of the people. The more in-depth I go into the work,
the more I find that when New Space people encounter challenges, the choice they make is to help each other and work together to accomplish
their goals. It' s this kind of united and harmonious working atmosphere that allows us to work more efficiently.
There is no worry about marching forward as we always have a group of brothers and sisters behind us that we can rely on. 


Positive interactions


Narrator: Chen Mo

The colleagues around me have given me the feeling of optimism and courage to move forward. There is both the objective push from them as well as
the mutual push among us when we work. When you join the community, you will keep moving forward unconsciously in the midst of such interaction. 

During the time I have been with the Company, the Company has undergone a great transformation from a non-public company to a public company,
and has made great strides in terms of governance and interaction with the outside world. 

I hope that the Company will be able to make achievements in the capital market, as well as in its own business segment in the future.
It is hoped that the Company will eventually become a respected and influential company within the industry,
with a great response in the capital market as well as a positive market rating. 


It makes me feel proud and honored


Narrator: Yang Xiaohui

The overall atmosphere of New Space has attracted me and made me devote myself to the industry. Over the past 3 years,
I have learned more about the company, both in the projects and in the Company, the determination of everyone working side by side,
and the friendly cooperation among the teams, has made me realize the deep strength of the Company. 

I have also obtained the support of my family to be able to travel for a long period of time to be stationed in the projects,
and my family is assured of the Company and the projects. I hope that the Company will have a much better future,
and that as the Company grows and develops, we will be able to participate in more and more projects and visit more and more cities.
With a full sense of mission and pride in my work, I look forward to the day when I can take my family and children to a certain city
and see that the beautiful night scene is associated with us, and then I will be able to share this pride and joy with my family. 


Realizing own values in a loving community


Narrator: Wei Chunhua

To me, the Company is an especially loving community, where colleagues get along harmoniously with each other and employees are given a lot of
preferential treatment. It is a platform that can give us the opportunity to keep learning and growing. I can feel more deeply in my position that the
Company cares for its employees, and the matters related to employees are well considered in the systems of the Company. 

The Company has successfully been listed on the main board, which opens a new journey, it will be stricter in accordance with the modern
enterprise system to implement the management, I will also be strict with myself, keep pace with the times, and constantly strengthen my
learning abilities, improve my business skills, and realize personal values. 


Attracted by the warm atmosphere of this place


Narrator: Li Nian

As a previous third-party service provider, I was deeply impressed by the atmosphere of the Company since the first time I arrived.
To describe this atmosphere, the word "warm" should be used. I can sense the friendship and mutual help among colleagues and the centripetal
force when the team works together. At that time, I believed that if I was with such a group of people, I would be able to work together to
accomplish something significant. 

Through the joint efforts of all of us in these years, we have finally accomplished the first shared goal of the New Space people.
It was a hard time, but also the most memorable time in my life. I have also had the honor to visit the 19 projects of the Company distributed
in 10 provincial regions in China. And I do feel extremely proud when I see that there is an indelible piece of the New Space in the brilliant night
scenery of the great landscapes of our country. 

During this period, I have also witnessed the continuous enlargement and changes in the Company, leading to new heights step by step.
It is hoped that the Company will continue to stay warm and work together to open new tracks and add to the development of our New Space.
Hand in hand, we go farther together. 


Everyone is united as one


Narrator: Song Yilin 

My greatest impression of New Space can be summarized into two words - mutual trust. When we are working on a project, all of us can be united
and our force can be directed in one direction to achieve the ultimate goal. 

I majored in something else and initially came to the Company with the desire to change the profession and if I didn't do well,
I would resign myself to return to my previous job. After coming here, I was deeply infected by the harmonious working relationship among
colleagues and the full energy of everyone at work, and I made a silent statement to myself at that time that I would stay here. 

This stay, has been eight years. I hope the New Space will be able to open up the boundaries and keep growing. 


This work atmosphere is a good nourishment


Narrator: Lei Zhiyong

Eight years ago, I came here knowing the prospect of the industry. At that time, there were less than 100 people in the Company,
but the projects delivered led the whole industry. 

The positive fighting atmosphere of the Company attracted me very much. I regard such an atmosphere as a good nourishment for a fresh graduate,
and it is an excellent platform to learn and develop here. 

The memory is still fresh in the Nanchang project. At that time, many staff stationed in the project to keep tight schedule,
and we stayed at the river overnight with the wind blowing. When hundreds of buildings were lit up at the same time,
the excitement and pride was enough to empty the exhaustion of months of work. 

I anticipate a major breakthrough in the future when expanding into new areas in the New Space,
and I will be able to learn a lot of knowledge simultaneously and be able to have a bigger platform. 

In New Space, getting things done will naturally make you grow and be sighted.
And what make us stay here should be that we are able to find our true selves here.